About FunKey Charters 

FunKey Charters is a unique boat excursion company that takes people on a real-life adventure through some of the backcountry islands surrounding Key West. Groups are brought to an island and challenged to complete an adventure by finding clues and solving puzzles together.

Founded in late 2021, this concept grew out of the idea that charters could be more exciting than they traditionally are today. If this adventure theme sounds like an escape room, it’s because the escape room concept was the genesis of the idea for FunKey Charters. However, instead of being inside a locked room, groups are out in nature in Key West, and the prize for completing the adventure is to unlock a cooler filled with food, drinks, and prizes so that the family fun can continue during each four hour trip.

We operate two (2) trips per day for groups of up to six (6) people and provide a Coast Guard certified Captain who is familiar with local waterways. Life jackets and all other required safety gear is provided, along with ice, water, a few coolers, and snorkel gear for all ages.

We operate every day, and the trips last four (4) hours each, running at 9:30 am & 2:00 pm. Each adventure challenge is timed at one hour (sixty minutes), but groups may take as long as they like to complete a challenge. The remaining time can be spent any way your group would want to spend it, whether relaxing on a sandbar, snorkeling, dolphin watching, riding through mangroves, or anything else you like.

Fishing and spearfishing trips are separate under the Standard Charter section and are priced separately.

If you have questions, please visit our FAQ section or use the Contact Us form.

Thanks for reading! Stay FunKey!